The Bristol Loaf is an artisan bakery situated on Church Road, Redfield. We are small, independent company who handcraft the tastiest breads as well as savouries, pastries and cakes. We use only the highest quality, organic ingredients sourced as locally and ethically as possible. In addition to our more traditional bakes, we also offer a range of vegetarian, vegan and non-gluten products.

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Handcrafted & Delicious

Something for Everyone

Our Bedminster café will reopen from 17th May for table service. Please note that we are unable to take bookings at this time. The Redfield shop will remain open for takeaway only until further notice.

Breakfast *  9am-11:30am

Homemade Granola Skyr, seasonal compote & seeds £4.00 (v) or (vg)

Sourdough Toast Cultured butter, Loaf-made preserve £3.50 (v) or (vg)

Sourdough Crumpets Cultured butter, Loaf-made preserve £4.00 (v) or (vg)

Add: baked beans (vg) £1.50, smoked salmon & gribiche £3.00, Bristol Fungarium mushrooms (vg) £2.75, extra-thick Loaf-cured bacon £2.50

Raggmunk Swedish potato pancake with smoked salmon & gribiche £7.00

Bacon sandwich Fresh overnight white, extra-thick Loaf-cured bacon & fermented tomato relish £5.50

Weekend Breakfast Brioche  (Sat & Sun)

Pork and Venison Sausage Patty Hash brown, fried Crackle Bean egg & brown sauce £7.50


Bristol Fungarium Mushroom Steak Maitake, hash brown, wild garlic chimichurri & brown sauce (vg) £7.50


Brunch * 12pm-3pm

Cream of Celery Soup w/ toasted walnuts, raisins & celery seeds s/w bread & cultured butter (v)or  (vg) £5.00

Cavatelli Pasta Coolea, asparagus, broad beans, peas, chilli & preserved lemon emulsion £8.50

Vegan Cavatelli Pasta Cimi di Rape, garlic, chilli, sundried tomatoes topped with creamy cashew curd (vg) (contains nuts) £9.00

Roast Carrot Salad Carrot top salsa, green lentils, pickled carrot, whipped ewes’ curd & toasted hazelnuts (v) or (vg) £7.00

Seared Beech Smoked Salmon Fillet s/w charred pickled beetroot, buttermilk dressing, anise salad & alexander oil £12.00

Leekchi Toastie Leek kimchi, Montgomery cheddar & pickles £7.00 (v)

Devil’s Mortar Toastie Spicy sausage pâté, Rachel Reserve goats’ cheese, Montgomery cheddar, chilli jam & pickles £8.50

Bristol Fungarium Mushroom Tartine w/ smoked chipotle & garlic, roast Tropea onion & fava bean hummus (vg) (contains sesame) £7.50

Mizuna salad Organic mixed local mizuna w/shallot dressing (vg) £3.50


Early Evening Small Plates * 3:30pm-7:30pm

English Halloumi made from ewes’ milk s/w peppered figs £6.75 (v)

Grilled Friggitelli w/ toasted hazelnuts & lemon salt £3.50 (vg)

English Feta made from ewes’ milk, marinated in olive oil & s/w lavosh £5.50 (v)

Vegan Cheese marinated in olive oil & s/w lavosh (contains sesame) £4.00 (vg)

Marinated Olives Gordal and manzanilla olives s/w freshly baked focaccia £4.00 (vg)

Pickles and Ferments £4.00 (vg)

Selection of Breads s/w Koji cultured butter £3.50 (v) (vg option available)

Mizuna salad Organic mixed local mizuna w/ a shallot dressing £3.50 (vg)

Vegetable Charcuterie Smoked, cured & fermented Koji £3.50 (vg)

Meat Charcuterie Loaf-made salami, Crown and Queues ‘Kick in the Head’ & Hoghton loin £9.00

Fish Smorgasbord Pickled fish, cured salmon, anchoiade, seasonal pickles & fermented vegetables s/w sourdough £14.50

Vegan Smorgasbord Pickles, ferments, flavoured cashew curd, smoked bean pâté & gordal olives s/w sourdough £10.50

Scandi Inspired Plates

Breakfast *  8am – 11.30am

Loaf Made Granola s/w Skyr, seasonal compote & seeds (vegan available) £4.00

Streaky Bacon Sandwich with brown sauce in a milk bun £5.00

Pork Sausage Patty Sandwich with hash brown, fried egg, brown sauce served in a challah bun £7.00

Maitake Mushroom Sandwich, hash brown, chimichurri, fried egg, aioli served in a challah bun (vegan available) £7.00

Sourdough Toast s/w cultured butter & Loaf-Made preserve (v) £3.50


Lunch*  12pm – 3pm

Sharing Plates

Selection of Bristol Loaf Bread, butter & oils £3.50

Grilled Courgette, pesto, rocket & ricotta £6.00

Fried Broken Potatoes, whipped cod’s roe, chives  £5.50

Strode Valley Leaves, pickles, dressing £4.00

Grilled Lemon Sole, charred gem, herb butter £24.00

Sweetcorn Polenta, peas, charred corn, oyster mushroom, Burkwell cheese or cashew curd (vegan option) £16.00



Fried Chicken Sandwich s/w hispi cabbage, preserved lemon aioli, herb dressing in a challah bun £7.00

Grilled Maitake Mushroom s/w chipotle mayonnaise, Pico de Gallo, iceberg, fermented green tomato in a vegan bun £6.00



Pickled Mussels, smoked egg mayo, carrot, samphire £7.00

Whipped Cod’s Roe, lemon, cucumber, mustard seeds, celery £7.00

Soft Boiled Egg & New Potatoes, cultured cream, Rachael Reserve goat cheese, chives £7.00

Roast Chicken, tarragon mayonnaise, chicken skin oat crumb, gem £7.00

Isle of White tomatoes, aubergine £6.00

Light-Bites & Lunch

Our range of savouries will change regularly depending on the availability of seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.

Our selection of pastries includes croissants, pains au chocolat, almond croissants and cinnamon swirls with vegan options too … and they all taste fantastic with a delicious coffee from Extract Coffee Roasters and our other Fairtrade producers.


Sausage, vegetarian and vegan rolls, pasties, tarts, quiche, savoury croissants, stuffed focaccia (#vegan) will be available daily from around 11.00 am onwards. Redfield boasts a varied selection of salads to takeaway during the summer months.



Handmade cakes are baked on site daily by our expert pastry chefs. Expect to see a mouth-watering platter of traditional cakes and biscuits as well as a selection of dairy-free and vegan treats.

Please be aware that products made with non-gluten ingredients are NOT suitable for coeliacs as all our bread and cakes are home-made in the same environment where cross contamination may easily occur.

Whole cakes and celebration cakes are available to order from our cake shop. If you have any cake specific enquiries or questions please send an email to