The Bristol Loaf is an artisan bakery situated on Church Road, Redfield. We are small, independent company who handcraft the tastiest breads as well as savouries, pastries and cakes. We use only the highest quality, organic ingredients sourced as locally and ethically as possible. In addition to our more traditional bakes, we also offer a range of vegetarian, vegan and non-gluten products.

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Handcrafted & Delicious

Something for Everyone

Please note that we are unable to take bookings for our Redfield & Bedminster cafés.

Our selection of pastries includes croissants, pains au chocolat, almond croissants and cinnamon swirls with vegan options too … and they all taste fantastic with a delicious coffee from Extract Coffee Roasters and our other Fairtrade producers.

Our range of savouries will change regularly depending on the availability of seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. Sausage, vegetarian and vegan rolls, pasties, tarts, quiche, savoury croissants, stuffed focaccia (#vegan) and toasties will be available daily. Redfield boasts a varied selection of salads to takeaway during the summer months.

Breakfast *  9am-11:45am

Homemade Granola, skyr, seasonal compôte & seeds (v) or (vg) £4.00

Sourdough Toast, cultured butter, Loaf-made preserve  (v) or (vg) £3.50

Sourdough Crumpets, cultured butter, Loaf-made preserve (v) or (vg)£4.00

Add: Loafmade Kimchi (vg) £2.00,  creamy baked beans (vg) £2.50, smoked Chalk Stream trout & gribiche £3.50, Bristol Fungarium mushrooms (vg) £3.00, extra-thick Loaf-cured bacon £3.00

Raggmunk, Swedish potato pancake with smoked chalk stream trout & gribiche £7.00

Bacon sandwich, fresh overnight white, extra-thick Loaf-cured bacon & fermented tomato relish £5.50

Toasted Brioche, poached pear, rhubarb curd & pecans (n) £5.50


Lunch * 12pm-3pm

Roasted Parsnip Soup, smoked yoghurt & cumin oil s/w sourdough bread (vg,v) £5.50

Leekchi Toastie, leek kimchi, Montgomery cheddar & pickles (v) £7.00

Pan Fried Gnocchi with braised Italian broccolo & fennel salami £8.00

Seared Organic Duck Breast served with turnip cake, quince purée & charred cabbage with a miso butter £9.80

Carrot & Tahini Tartine, Szechuan chilli oil, pickled celery, fermented carrot, labneh & celery salt (vg,v,n) £7.50

Salt Baked Jerusalem Artichoke Salad, smoked cashew curd, fermented artichokes & pickled shallots s/w toasted wholemeal sourdough (vg,n) £7.00

Loaf-made Sauces – Fermented Chilli Sauce XXX, Fermented Green Chilli & Kiwi Hot Sauce XX, Fermented Ketchup, Brown Sauce £1.00


Business or pleasure ...

Breakfast *  8am – 11.30am

Orange Juice £1.50

you + i Original Kombucha £5.00

Croissant £2.00
Pain au chocolat £2.50
Cinnamon swirl £2.70
Cardamon knot £2.70

Sourdough Toast s/w cultured butter & loaf made preserve (v/ve) £3.50
Loaf made Granola s/w skyr, seasonal compote & seeds (v/ve) £4.20

Fried Eggs served on white sourdough toast £5.00
Streaky Bacon Sandwich served on white sourdough with brown sauce £5.00
Oyster Mushrooms served with punched potatoes, roscoff onions, chimichurri, fried egg, brown sauce on white sourdough toast (vg/v) £7.00

Streaky Bacon served with punched potatoes, roscoff onions, fried egg, homemade brown sauce on white sourdough toast £7.00

Lunch*  12pm – 3pm

Roast Spiced Almonds (vg) £3.50
Marinated Olives (vg) £4.50
Bread Basket, a selection of Bristol Loaf bread, butter or oils (v/vg) £4.00

Beetroot Soup with smoked labneh, toasted buckwheat served with sourdough and Loafmade butter (vg,v) £5.50
Oat & Sourdough Crumbed Market Fish served in a challah bun with celeriac remoulade, radicchio, dill & cucumber £8.00
Cured Mackerel Smørrebrød served with pickled beetroot, new potatoes, capers and chive crème fraîche on rye £8.00
Grilled Oyster Mushroom Tartine with roasted leek, charred shallots & smoked cashew curd (vg,n) £7.80
Burratina & Charred Purple Sprouting Broccoli Tartine with preserved lemon, black olive & anchovy dressing £8.20
Leekchi Toastie, Montgomery cheddar & leek kimchi on white sourdough served with Loafmade pickles £7.50
Gnocchi with Delica squash, Rachel Reserve, crispy kale, hazelnuts, sage oil (v,n) £8.50

For wine pairing suggestions, please ask your waiter.


Our range of savouries will change regularly depending on the availability of seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.

Lunch 11am – 3pm

Leekchi Toastie served with Loafmade pickles £6.50

Smoked Ham Hock Toastie served with Loafmade Pickles £7.00

Bacon Sandwich with Loafmade brown sauce on sourdough £5.50

Soup of the Day with Loaf Sourdough & cutured butter £5.50

Straight to your office ...

Pastries & Cakes

Croissant £1.80

Pain au Chocolat £2.30

Cinnamon Swirl £2.50

Croissant Cake (flavour changes daily) £3.20

Salted Caramel Brownie (n-g) £3.20

Peanut Butter Millionaire Slice (n) £3.20

Vegan Cardamon Knot (v) £2.50

Vegan Cinnamon Swirl (v) £2.50

Vegan Chocolate & Oats Slice (v,n-g,n) £3.20


Sausage Roll £3.20

Squashage Roll (vg) £3.00



Send an email to, we will arrange a delivery time, organise an invoice and prepare your order. If it’s more convenient, you can also arrange collection from The Bristol Loaf Beacon.

We are able to deliver to BS1 – BS10 Monday to Friday with a minimum order of £25.

Whole cakes and celebration cakes are available to order from our cake shop. If you have any cake specific enquiries or questions please send an email to